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EMX is designed for the next generation of interoperability, enabling seamless transfer and exchange of clinical information between all medical interfaces.

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About Us

Dokita247 (and its subsidiaries) has a vision to be the one-stop-shop for all health related information helping EVERYONE from patients, students, physicians, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, Big Data companies, to lay people whose purpose is to get more accurate information on diseases and treatments irrespective of location, social stratification, gender, sexual orientation or race.

Our goal is to make the world a better place by improving health globally and ensure very rapid access to healthcare services even in the remotest part of the world.

Our passion is to improve the health status of everyone on every continent. We aim to do this one one patient and one health service provider at a time. Kindly join forces with us on this journey to improve health in humanity.

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Electronic Health Records

Easy to use, customizable EHR with integrated PM for optimized quality, performance and patient experience.

Practice Management

Boost productivity with enterprise scheduling, eligibility, intelligent billing, reporting and more.

Patient Portal

Securely register, request appointments refills, view charts, statements, messages and reminders.


Electronic Prescribing service connects prescribers with over 40,000 pharmacies across Africa and provides them with features such as... View More


Advanced lab interfacing technology lets you connect to all your favorite labs. You can now send orders to and receive results electronically from most of the nation’s labs. Features such as trending and task assignment, comparing current and past results, alerts for abnormal results and advanced reporting will allow you to deliver safer and more reliable care.

Bed Management

Effective hospital bed management requires real-time patient and bed visibility, as well as coordination among staff groups.

What Drives Us

We are commited to:

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